Tidewater EMS Council announces availability of regional protocol training videos

January 27, 2017 - Today the Tidewater Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Council announced immediate availability of the regional EMS protocol training videos, enabling EMS providers and agencies to begin the rollout process of the 12th edition of the regional protocols. The protocols and training videos are available 24/7 at www.tidewaterems.org/protocols.

Regional EMS protocol training videos include important changes found in the 12th edition of the Tidewater EMS Council’s Regional Medical Protocols and are a component of protocol education for EMS providers at all levels from EMT through paramedic. EMS protocol revisions and videos are part of Tidewater EMS Council’s commitment to deliver quality and timely updates to the providers and agencies in the council’s region.

The council thanks the TEMS Protocol Workgroup and the chair, Jason Ambrose for their time and effort that went into completing this update. The council would like to acknowledge the Virginia Beach Department of EMS and the Virginia Beach Fire Department for their technical support and assistance during taping and editing of the protocol training videos.

Founded in 1974, Tidewater EMS Council is responsible for planning and coordination of an efficient and effective regional emergency medical services system. The council offers a wide range of services designed to assist the providers and agencies of the region. The region includes ten cities and counties in Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore. More information is available at www.tidewaterems.org.

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